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Do you have a “stretch marks genetic predisposition”?

Knowing which type of genes you have can be the best stretch mark prevention method you’ll ever try in your life!

Discover how to prevent stretch marks!

Stretch marks (also known as striae) are those bands of parallel lines and stripes that can appear on our skin. They’re usually formed in the areas of our belly, breasts, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

Stretch marks are normally purple or bright pink and have a different texture from our normal skin. Usually, they’re formed when there is excessive skin distension. Rapid weight gain or bodybuilding (especially in combination with steroids), weight loss and puberty are stretch mark triggers.

Anyone can have stretch marks, but they tend to appear more in women: 50% of the female population will develop stretch marks and only 20% of men will have them. Pregnancy can be one of the reasons why this number is much higher among women than men.

Actually, more than 75% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. That is because the belly grows too fast to accommodate the baby who needs more and more space.

Using creams and other products which boost collagen production and increase skin elasticity may slightly decrease the risk of the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy.

stretch marks genetic predisposition

Are stretch marks genetic?

Scientific studies have shown that some individuals are more susceptible to have stretch marks than others due to their genetic background.

Being genetically prone to stretch marks means that the chances of developing them are higher than in someone who does not have that predisposition.

The good thing is: knowing that soon enough gives you a great opportunity to adjust your lifestyle habits, nutrition and cosmetics and increase your chances to prevent stretch marks.

Is it possible to prevent stretch marks even if I have a genetic risk to develop them?

Knowing if you have a genetic predisposition for stretch marks can help you build healthy lifestyle habits and find the right treatments to enhance your skin beauty.

Try to follow our tips:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is always a good move since gaining weight too fast is one of the major causes of stretch marks.
  • If you're overweight and wishes to lose some kilos, try to avoid restrictive diets. Losing weight too fast can also cause the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C are good for our skin because is an important nutrient in collagen formation. Collagen keeps the elasticity and the strength of our skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Have you got stretch marks? How to get rid of them?

Stretch marks often fade over time and become less visible. However, once they are formed, they never completely disappear.

You can try creams that contain a retinoid - they might help fade your stretch marks. Always follow the instructions for the use of certain creams, since applying too much of it can cause your skin to become red, irritated or scaly.

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