HealthPlan focuses on early disease prevention and medication effectiveness according to your genes.

399,00 €

Why HealthPlan

19 disease reports

Discover your genetic predisposition for certain diseases, so that early detection through screening and timely treatment is more effective.

6 medicament reports

Increase the safety and efficacy of a drug therapy and avoid any potential adverse event or not responding to a given drug.

14 body reports

Find out hidden characteristics of the body, so that you can understand your body better, learn to know it and act accordingly.

Reduce the risk of disease

Our innovative approach in the field of preventive genetics offers appropriate recommendations in the field of early prevention to reduce the risk of developing a disease, to choose the most effective medicine or to be aware of other talents of your body.

Plan ahead

Based on your genetic results you can focus on other preventive measures like early detection through screening or other methods that will give you an option of timely treatment. Based on your results you can adjust the dosage of medications according to your DNA anytime during the treatment in the future and so increase the safety and efficacy of the therapy.

What is included in a package?

DNA Sample Kit

You will receive a box with instructions, return envelope and buccal swab to send us the saliva sample required for the analysis.


Upon your order you will receive the DNA Sample Kit with prepaid shipping service and after the lab analysis you will receive your results through our secure online portal.

Personal results report

Discover yourself and tune your lifestyle with the help of a user-friendly report with personal recommendations based on your genes.

How does it work?

All from home. No blood. No needles. Just rub a buccal swab against your cheek!
GenePlanet genetic tests are user-friendly saliva-based tests.


Your will receive a DNA sample collection kit with a buccal swab and all the necessary instructions to perform the DNA test.

Provide sample

Follow the kit instructions and rub your cheek with the buccal swab. Register your sample using the barcode.


After registration, send your sample to our lab in the enclosed pre-addressed and pre-paid envelope.


You will receive an email notification when your reports are ready and accessible in your online account. Log in and discover your DNA, discover yourself!

Your personal results

Your analysis results will be delivered as a comprehensive and personalized guidebook:

  • Detailed explanation of each specific analysis
  • Graphic and textual presentation of your results
  • Personalised recommendations and advice


HealthPlan focuses on early disease prevention and medication effectiveness according to your genes.

399,00 €

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