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What is a personalised diet based on your DNA?

Stop guessing which diet works for you and discover the benefits of the only truly scientific-based genetic diet!

With so many different types of diets out there (more than 50, actually!), it became quite difficult to decide which one to chose, right? And most of those diets promise amazing results (and some of them without doing any effort!).

But the thing is: any of those diets takes into consideration our genetic differences! We all have our own DNA with its specific characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing a diet. A diet that works for you might not work for me! Well, if we are all different, why should we follow the same diet?

Diet based on your DNA

Who never followed that trendy diet for a few months, lost the extra kilos but, after a few months, gained everything back again? With so many trendy diets promoted by celebrities alike (paleo diet, keto diet, fast 5:2 diet, Mediterranean diet, you name it!), it is quite impossible not to be convinced about their benefits.

What about leaving the guessing game aside and check the benefits of a diet that is scientifically proven to work? The real solution lies in a permanent change in eating habits and lifestyle, which can be reached through a diet based on your DNA.

The DNA diet is the only one that takes into consideration our unique genetic features and, because of that, it works. Do you want to know how?

diet based on the dna

Adjust your diet in tune with your genes

A scientific study performed at Stanford University has proven that a diet based on the DNA is truly effective. The research discovered that people who were eating based on their genetic makeup lost 4 kilograms more than those who were trying to lose weight without considering their genetics.

Genetically speaking, our genes “regulate” the amount of energy that our body uses when resting. That is one of the reasons that is possible to identify which type of DNA diet is most suitable for you and calculate your personal daily caloric intake (based on your DNA).

The DNA diet testing NutriFit evaluates your response to fats (saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and carbohydrates and then, based on that, recommends the appropriate diet based on your DNA. A low-carb diet, for example, might work for you if your response to carbohydrate is genetically unfavourable! But it might work for someone else!

The diet based on your genes is not merely coincidental, but it considers your individual characteristics and allows you to eat what your body truly needs.

Do you also want to know if you have the gene that burns fat? Some people don't have this gene making it more difficult for them to lose weight.

Discover our NutriFit

NutriFit represents the complete personalised guidebook based on your genetics from the fields of nutrition, sport, health and rejuvenation & beauty.

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