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My DNA wants a chocolate now! Yours?

Our genes can influence so many things, including our need for sweets in the middle of the day!

Have you ever noticed that there are people who need to eat more sweets than others?

Or perhaps you are the type who cannot say “NO” to a dessert immediately after lunch!

It has been proved that eating habits can be inherited. In other words, our genes have a great influence on our sugar cravings! That is why some people have the urge to eat more candies than others.

How to reduce chocolate cravings?

We all know that our eating habits are greatly influenced by the environment. The restaurants we go to, the foods we choose, where we do our groceries... However, eating habits are not only the consequence of the environment nor our free choice!

There is something more behind our sweet cravings: a gene called ADRA2A!

Scientists have discovered that our tendency for sweet treats can be predicted by our genetic makeup. The gene ADRA2A is involved in the transfer of messages to the brain, where the information from the environment is appropriately processed and interpreted.

A study* evaluated the eating behaviour of around 1000 people for an extended period of time. The result? The ones with an unfavourable ADRA2A gene variant reached for sweet treats much sooner than those who didn’t have that genetic variant!

But the good thing is...

Only around 9% of us have such an unfavourable copy of the ADRA2A gene present on both chromosomes making them more prone to having sweet treats. Might be your case? 

If yes, we advise you to follow your NutriFit advice, which will help you to reduce the intake of sweet treats, despite your unfavourable genotype.

how to reduce chocolate cravings

More tips on how to avoid so much sugar:

  • Whenever you have an urge for sweets, use a strong mint flavour chewing gum to keep you away from food;
  • What about preparing yourself some green tea with vanilla flavour instead? This will give you a feeling of eating something sweet;
  • Do you stock sweets at home? So, don't! This will eliminate the unnecessary temptation for a sweet treat;
  • Replace foods containing white sugar for foods with natural sugar: fresh or dried fruits, carrots or potatoes;
  • If you don’t like fruits, you can try to add a spoon of cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom to taste better;
  • What about trying a week without sweets? You might be surprised how your sweets cravings will decrease!

Sweet gene: do you have it?

Around half of the population (48%) have the favourable copies of the ADRA2A gene present on both chromosomes, making them kind of "protected" from the strong desire of having sweet treats. What about you?

Mäestu et al. (2007). Human adrenergic alpha 2A receptor C-1291G polymorphism leads to higher consumption of sweet food products. Mol Psychiatry 12(6): 520-521

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